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Top 5 FinTech Solutions You Have to Have in 2020 to Scale

On this episode we look at a few solutions a growing B2B SaaS company must have and how we here at SaaSOptics can manage all of our FinOps with 1 full-time team member for 90 employees and almost 700 customers. For questions or comments reach out to me here:

Clarus R+D on Key Tax Advantages to Get Up to $250K Back for Your Business

On this episode we speak with Jeff Haskett, President of Clarus R+D, on the Path Act, key tax advantages you can be getting to help you stay funded and extend your capital. Having raised multiple rounds of funding themselves, Jeff has helped hundreds of SaaS businesses get back money they deserve. For more information on Clarus R+D:

3 Strategies that Led to an Acquisition for Co-founder of Scribe Software of 7x ARR

In this episode, we speak with Peter Chase, co-founder and EVP of Scribe Software that was acquired by TIBCO for 7x SaaS arr, had 160% net retention and a 3% churn rate. Now the founder of AccelARRate, he is helping B2B SaaS companies achieve similar results. Peter breaks down what made them successful, lessons learned from the acquisition, and 3 strategies you should be implementing to fuel your growth. Visit AccelARRate:

Lessonly VP of Finance & Operations, Brian Montminy on the Why More Capital Isn't Always the Best for Your Business

On this episode we talk to VP of Finance & Operations Brian Montminy about what Lessonly has been up to, the 3 rounds of funding they have raised, how Lessonly's executive team prepared for each round of funding, the things the rest of the company doesn't hear about, the nuances that you should be aware of, what 2020 holds for Lessonly and 2 takeaways.